„Crazy Ladies“
An encounter with Clara Immerwahr-Haber, Virginia Woolf and Camille Claudel

The performance gives an insight into life and suffering of three highly gifted and strong-willed women: the sculpturess Camille Claudel, Clara Immerwahr-Haber, the first woman in Germany, who obtained a doctor`s degree in chemistry and the author Virginia Woolf.

They went after their professional visions and talents with incredibly high personal effort and courage and frustrated hereby role expectations of their time. They had to pay a high price for their differentness since creativeness and mental suffering lay close together in the lives of these famous women.

Today, hundred years after their work, we search for traces of female „insanity“ at that time and now.

Director & Script: Leni Lust
Directors assistence: Michael Hofkirchner
Performance & Piece development : Ursula Litschauer, Veronika Mayerböck,
Birgit Unger
Stage Design: Christina Weber
Costume Design: Barbara Häusl
Lightdesign: Eugen Schöberl
Sounddesign: Michael Merkusch
Administration: Tockner/Litschauer