Little Witch Noodle-Plait is lonely. There’s always just Franochio the house frog and Blumerella the pot plant to talk to and play with. She has to have a friend, better, a real Prince Charming!
But oh – if only she could do better magic! When she tries to transform Franochio into a prince, it’s raining frogs from the sky. And they do not behave like real friends.
But who knows in the end what else frogs can become?
A stage play for people from 4 to 104 years!

“… Very charming – in the true sense of the word – is the youngest production of Theater ASOU … The story of the little witch (exorbitant: Uschi Litschauer) on her search for Prince Charming is a thrilling and in no way over-attentive comedy which nobody should miss!…”

“… The colourful and funny new stage play about a witch suffering from loneliness fever is down to it’s details packed with amusing ideas. Uschi Litschauer and Uschi Molitschnig … are having a lot of fun together. Friederike Wagner, author of the children’s book “Die Hexe Nudelzopf und die Prinzenfrösche” on which the play is based on, came to the opening show and was enthusiastic about it…”
Kleine Zeitung