The story of a tiny-big penguin

Clownesque puppet and movement theater – for children from 4 years

The excitement is high in the small penguin colony. The sheltered penguin egg wobbles wilder and wilder. First you hear a ping and then a pong. The little chick sticks its beak out of the egg and crows loudly at the world. Mr. and Mrs. Penguin are overjoyed and proud. From this moment on, everything revolves around the little one for them and that really gets the two of them slipping. Because the little penguin is always hungry and wants to be fed. But sometimes he doesn’t like the fish at all – and where is he anyway? He was just there! Besides, he should have gone to bed long ago.

Why do parents always know when it’s bedtime? The cheeky seagulls may be annoying neighbors, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to sail in the wind with them?

The chick grows and grows. Soon it will be bigger than its parents. Time to molt and find your own way in the sea.

The play deals with the joys and struggles of the parent-child relationship and shows the growing up of a penguin chick. These are familiar situations, but they present themselves in a different way.