Theater ASOU is intercultural and experimental theatre

Theater ASOU is a theatre group, which was created out of a joint initiative to get to know to and learn about intercultural and experimental theatre forms. These experiences are translated into action in our productions and presented to the audience.

Theater ASOU is continuous theatre

Since 1995 the group works together in terms of a permanent theatre laboratory.
To work in a permanent theatre laboratory means, that we do understand theatre work not just as rehearsing for the next performance but as a continuous process of the actor/the actress. This process happens within the framework of an educational training program which matches our approach to theatre: anthropological theatre.

Theater ASOU offers trainings and workshops

Theater ASOU organizes workshops with international teachers in the field of experimental theatre, improvisation and butoh. Work can be continued and deepened in open labs with Theater ASOU.

Theater ASOU plays theatre for children & adults

Theater ASOU plays colourful, rich, lively theatre for children and (grand)parents. – But not on stage only. The Theater ASOU performances of “theatre in the court-yard” are located at playgrounds, in parks and court-yards of appartement houses and take theatre to those people and audiences, who cannot afford to visit a stage-play or to those who are simply not used to do so. A point of contact to the way of life and experiences of the people is guaranteed by the selection of the theatre-plays. In this manner theatre becomes a way of communicating, it becomes a vehicle opening space for dialog and discussion. Theatre, as a catalyst for communication, creates the basis for vivid expression. It can help to read an individual or collective reality in a clearer way and it can be an instrument of analysis, motivation and consciousness. In the first place there is the urge to touch the innerst parts of human being and to take the risk of a face to face meeting on the street.